Acupuncture Can Help Relieve Sciatic Back Pain

Acupuncture for Back Pain with Sciatica

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Western acupuncture for back pain generally does not treat the cause of the pain but rather eases it or enables the body to suppress it. In over thirty years of following the practice of acupuncture, I have heard both sides of the argument about Western versus Traditional and symptomatic relief versus treating the cause.

I am utterly convinced that by just treating the pain syndrome and ignoring the underlying cause (which may be some considerable distance from the pain site), a great injustice is being done to the patient.

Geoffrey was a forty-five-year-old car mechanic who had been troubled with lower back pain for the previous ten years. The most problematic action he could do was to constantly bend over the hood of a car.

He found that it was difficult to straighten up after about ten minutes of bending over the hood. The only time he could recall hurting his back was when he had fallen heavily on his coccyx as a child.

He had tried physical therapy, chiropractic alignment, and massage in the previous five years. Each therapy had helped slightly but the sciatica pain had always returned. He also told me that he suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which affected him at work.

Acupuncture for Back Pain: Examination

We need to have a system of acupuncture that combines the pain relief quality with treating the cause. I believe pain relief and treatment of the source of the pain can be achieved by using the method of treating the minor chakras that I discovered.

An examination revealed that Geoffrey had lumbosacral spasm and pain with sciatic referral of the right leg down to the lateral aspect of the ankle. The pain was constant and made worse for movement and better for rest. Some analgesics helped, but only for a short period.

Acupuncture for Back Pain: Treatment

First Treatment Session

Even though Geoffrey had suffered for ten years, I decided to treat the condition as an acute one and used the minor chakra pain relief points. He was quite happy to receive acupuncture as he had not experienced it before and had tried “everything else.”

The main area of pain was situated in the lower lumbar spine which corresponded to Schedule Two of the Pain Relief Areas. The Key points of BL 59 and SI 7 were inserted bilaterally and stimulated every five minutes for approximately half an hour.

The minor chakra points of BL 40 and PC 3 were inserted shortly after the Key points and were let in situation without any stimulation (save that of achieving deqi).

In such cases, you may be tempted to insert needles locally in the lumbar spine and BL 62 under the lateral malleolus as you would probably do with TCM. Please do not do this as it will defeat the object of using this new technique.

After half an hour of comfortable lying prone the needles were removed and after about five minutes he dressed and left the surgery. There was an obvious look of disappointment on his face.

I asked to see him a week later and advised him to keep the spine warm and as flexible as discomfort allowed he was on vacation for a week so he was not working).

Second Treatment Session

Geoffrey arrived for his second session with a huge grin on his face. The evening of the first treatment had been very painful, and he had been forced to take more painkillers. He had woken up the next morning feeling much better, and the improvement in his condition continued throughout the week.

He had not tested his spine by doing any exercises or hard labor. His sciatica was still there, but it was of a lower intensity and was now only down to the back of the thigh.

Geoffrey had noticed that he had slight discomfort around the lower sacral and coccyx region (As a basic naturopathic response, a lesion often creates deep bruising at the site of the original trauma).

Because his body responded so well to the first treatment of the minor chakras, I decided to do the same treatment again. Since the discomfort had shifted lower down the spine into the Schedule Three area, it is this Schedule that was treated. The Key points of PC 7 and LR 8 were inserted and stimulated like the last time.

The minor chakra points of ST 30 and KID 27 were also needled. He was in the supine position (lying down, face up) for the session and this time was not at all puzzled as to why the lower spine had not been needled, he just accepted it.

I asked to telephone him after a further week and the next week he reported that he felt in fine health with no recurrence of back pain or sciatica during the past week when he had been working.

I saw him once more after three months. He was delighted that his irritable bowel syndrome had “miraculously” eased.

You might be reading this short article with incredulity because it is very different from the usual approach to back pain relief.

I can assure you that I have followed this method for the past two decades and have witnessed the doubt and disbelief on the faces of my patients turn to wonder and amazement when they realize that it works!

I urge you to try it and witness the results for yourself. You will not be disappointed. This is a brand new approach to the treatment of pain by using the minor chakras with acupuncture for back pain. Try it!

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